Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

English Task

Ini adalh tugas dari guru kami di Sma N 8 Tangerang untuk membuat Analitical Eksposition... Simak yaaa

Global Warming
Now global warming have become important for everyone in the world for the talk. Which today we also have a direct impact. As we often feel very hot. It's one of the effects that we can do now. but there are many more that will be inflicted impacts of global warming. Why global warming is very dangerous for us? Many of the causes and effects of global warming we need to know.

                According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the first cause of global warming is that some types of greenhouse gases directly responsible for the warming we are experiencing, and man's creation of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases such. Most of these greenhouse gases produced by livestock, burning of fossil fuels in motor vehicles, modern factories, farms, and power generation. Largest contributor to global warming is Carbon Dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) produced agriculture and livestock (especially of the digestive system of animals), Nitrogen Oxide (NO) from fertilizer, and the gases used for refrigerators and air-conditioning (CFC). The destruction of forests that should function as a store of increasing CO2 also aggravate this condition. And the impact of it all can cause a lot of things are very bad. Starting from the climate on earth from unstable or uncertain, global temperatures are likely to increase, increase in sea level that reduces the land, ecological disturbances, and also resulted in health problems for example on heat illness (heart stroke) and the disruption of food due to farmers crop failure due to extreme weather.

                Many things we can do to reduce the harmful effects of warming. That eliminates a lot of carbon in the air by planting trees on our earth, to the best use of paper, avoid excessive power consumption, use of organic fertilizers. So start to keep a residence in our world for a better life and future for the people that we care about in the future.

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